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Crash Investigation - Featured articles:

Drivers most at risk from distractions outside car

Article summarizes a research project that looked at 32,000 vehicle crashes and the possible contribution of distractions. More »

Economy down, fake crashes up

Maybe you're a defensive driver but these days it may not be enough as the down economy increases your risk of being 'crash scammed.' More »

Crash intelligence

"Speed was a factor," police will say, or maybe alcohol. Often the blame for a crash is pinned on easy to identify driver errors such as "failed to yield right of way," "excessive speed," or "disobeyed sign." The Britain's Royal Auto Club wants to change that More »

Rollover rating system criticized

A National Academy of Sciences panel criticized the current system as too broad and simplistic, and suggests NHTSA should consider vehicle handling characteristics in addition to top-heaviness. More »

Rollover: the hidden history of the SUV

How did a vehicle with such a serious safety problem become so popular? How much did automakers know about the SUV's rollover record? And why didn't the government do more to protect drivers? PBS's Frontline addressed these questions and more. More »

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Crash Investigation - Other links:

ARC provides accident reconstruction experts with a "one-stop" web site for communication and research.

ACTAR, based in Florida, USA, offers an accreditation program open to both police and civilian accident reconstructionists worldwide.

CATAIR offers training in collision investigation, and a way for members to meet and share experiences and ideas.

Florida, USA based firm provides expertise to lawyers working on cases involving the reconstruction of auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

ITAI, based in the U.K., aims to provide a means for communication, education, representation, and regulation for traffic accident investigators.

TARO publishes a journal containing articles of a technical nature that report on the evolving state of traffic accident reconstruction.

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