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Wireless Phones - Featured articles:

Cell phones may increase crash risk 38%

A major study comparing phone records with crash records in Montreal, Canada found that phone users have a 38% higher risk of accident compared with non-users. More »

Jail for driving using Mobile phone

The British government has introduced new policy guidelines that make bad driving while using a mobile phone a jail offense More »

Smartphones, bluetooth, wifi and the dash...

With research showing that distraction-related deaths accounted for 16% of all traffic fatalities in 2009, this issue is once again high on the agenda of the US Transportation Department. 'U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has declared war on driver distraction, with much of the focus on weaning Americans off texting and other cell-phone use while behind the wheel.' More »

10 Commandments of wireless use

Do you insist on using your phone while driving ... in spite of the distraction? If so, these safety tips may save your life (and reduce your legal fees). More »

No hands-free phone for most Swedish drivers

75% of Swedish drivers use mobile phones, but most are still holding the phones up to their ear, and they are causing crashes, a new study says. More »

New Zealand refuses to ban cell phones

Banning cell phone use while driving would not produce more safety at a reasonable cost, says the New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority. More »

Police chief changes view on cell phones

The California Highway Patrol has withdrawn a report on the role of cell phones in traffic accidents after learning it may have drastically understated the problem. More »

British scientist against cell phone ban in cars

The British government scientist charged with investigating the possible dangers of mobile phones has attacked plans to introduce a blanket ban on mobile use while driving. More »

Cells, bells, smoke and mirrors

Cell phones are not the problem, says columnist Gary Magwood. We have to stop looking for scapegoats, he argues. The real problem is that we've been taking driving for granted. More »

Brits may get really tough on mobile phones

The British government plans to introduce legislation banning the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving - even if stopped at an intersection or in a traffic jam. More »

Cell phones and driving slammed by new research

New research presented at the 6th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control provides further evidence of the dangers of phone use while driving. More »

Drunk driving and phone use: study irresponsible

Britain's Royal Auto Club says comparison of cell phone use with drunk driving is irresponsible. More »

Are cell phone yakkers getting ticketed yet?

Cell phone laws are difficult to enforce, and there's lots of controversy about who should pass them, says Wireless Newsfactor. More »

Irish ban hand-held phones

The Irish government stopped short of banning hands-free phone use while driving, but under a new government move announced last night it will impose heavy fines and up to three-month jail terms on drivers who use hand-held phones while on the move. More »

Pennsylvania drops cell phone ban

Research in Pennsylvania that indicates using cell phones is no more distracting than other activities means legislators won't try a ban. More »

The other side of cell phone safety

Critics of the devices might be overlooking an important fact: properly used, a cell phone can be a crucial safety tool. More »

Don't ban cell phones, yet--U.S. Safety Council

As U.S. states rush towards banning cell phone use while driving, some safety stakeholders are holding back. In a recent interview, CNN's Carol Lin found some of the reasons. More »

New study: van and SUV drivers most likely to use cell phones

It may seem as if most drivers out there are using cell phones as they drive. However, a new study indicates it's only about 3 percent, and SUV and van drivers are most prone. More »

New York bans driving and phoning

The first U.S. statewide ban on hand-held wireless phone use while driving. More »

Bad drivers cause accidents, not cell phones

The Canada Safety Council believes the majority of mobile phone users are responsible, and bad driving is to blame for crashes, not phones. More »

Banning phone use while driving a

Canada's top medical journal is calling for laws restricting the use of cell phones while driving. More »

Distracted drivers: are car phones guilty?

Concerned about the use of mobile phones, navigation systems, email, and other technologies in cars? The U.S. government is, and is hosting a web conference with experts and public input. This issue was also the topic of an excellent discussion recently on CNN's "Talkback Live." More »

Survey of cell phone legislation by country

A survey of several countries that have legislation (or are considering legislation) aimed at the use of wireless phones while driving. More »

Those irritating cell phones

Are cell phones in cars all that bad, or do we just resent seeing them used? A look at culture, manners, and cell phone use. More »

Cell phones and other distractions

In addition to crowded roads and a great diversity of road users (including skateboards, scooters, and roller skates) drivers are now dealing with cell phones, in-car navigation systems, and more. Can they cope? More »

Cellular phones explosion hazard or urban myth?

Multinational oil companies have reacted swiftly to rumors that electrical sparks from cell phones have caused explosions at gas stations. More »

911 calls on wireless phones

Driving tips from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), including procedures to follow when driving. More »

Wireless phones and driver safety

This article introduces several studies that have examined the relationship between mobile phone use and the likelihood of crashing. More »

Mobile phone use while driving: the safest setup?

Summarizes a study conducted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in England, in which researchers found that drivers using a simulator were distracted by both hand-held and hands-free phone use. More »

Report on the involvement of mobile phones in road crashes

A summary of a report that calls for research to be undertaken on the issue of wireless phone use in vehicles, and suggests that public education could include warnings about all forms of distractions in the car. More »

Some facts on wireless phones and driving

Article gives overview of wireless phone use in Canada, and offers some advice on their safe use in the car. More »

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