Will cleaning my Windows Registry speed up my PC?

In short – yes! But first we should explain what the Registry is and why a badly maintained one can have a detrimental effect on your computers’ speed.

What is Windows Registry?

The Windows Registry is a database which stores vital settings and details relating to your Windows Operating System. It contains a range of information, from where programs are stored to settings for connected hardware devices.

The Windows Registry is like the central nervous system of your computer so caution is advised when making any changes to it. Unless you are an advanced user, you should only update the Windows registry using a recognised update tool.

How can you boost PC speed before downloading? Check for PC issues causing slowdown and try out special tools to improve PC speed.What causes Windows Registry problems?

Most of the time Registry problems arise as a result of program installation or removal. When you add or remove software, details and settings relating to this software are edited in the Registry.  Installing or uninstalling programs, working with old drivers, or even unwittingly downloading spyware, can result in Windows Registry errors.

What are the signs of Registry problems?

The most common signs of Registry problems are slow computer speed, computer crashes or programs freezing or behaving erratically.

How do I fix my Windows Registry?

Unless you are a very advanced and equally brave PC-user, you should use a third party software tool to attempt any Registry repair. There are a number of Registry Cleaner Tools on the market, you just need to ensure the one you select will allow you to create Registry backups and then clean and repair the Registry itself.


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