iPhone 4S glitch possible driver issue

Users of Apple’s iPhone 4 have reported another bug which could prove to be a major setback for Apple at a time when smartphone competition has seriously intensified.

The bug relates to lack of sound on some outgoing calls, and is just the latest in a number of reported bugs with the iPhone 4, including screen problems and poor battery life in some models.

The Apple Support forum has seen a number of posts on this latest issue, many of which suggest that the problem may be caused by a driver compatibility issue between the iOS software and the 4S hardware.

Apple should be releasing a software update over the coming weeks which will resolve the issue so watch this space!

Users on the Apple Support Forum suggest toggling the speakerphone off and on again, or unplugging and re-plugging headphones as a temporary workaround for the bug.


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  • i dont seem to be able to download the driver for my iphone 4s my computer keeps coming up with periphal device driver not found, so i cant connect my phone to my computer

  • Mine too! I cannot get my computer to find device! This is sooo frustrating. My friends warned me not to get an iphone. The Android is apparently the way to go – you can swap music, pics, files, anything!

  • Having the same problem. I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and the newest version of iTunes, but it will not recognize the phone (windows nor iTunes recognizes the phone). The phone needs to be reset because it was wiped clean somehow, but I don’t know what else to do…any suggestions? Thanks!

    • im haveing the same issue to and im going in circles my self

  • i am having the same problem my iphone 4s will not conect with itunes after i did the recent update

  • Hi
    I just got the i phone 4 s, and when i connect to my pc it cant detect the i phone.
    secondly, the battery runs dry very fast. i have to charge twice a day and i dont even use it for music or videos.

    • In terms of the battery life – twice a day seems excessive. Have you tried shutting down active apps to see if that helps? To do this:
      1. double-tap the home button
      2. your active app icons should appear at the bottom of the screen
      3. hold your finger on one of the apps for a couple of seconds to enter edit mode (apps should ‘wiggle’)
      4. hit the ‘-‘ or minus symbol in the top left of all the apps (you are just closing them, not deleting them)

      You should do this regularly to keep battery usage down

      Have you opened itunes and checked for the iphone to be picked up from there or are you just plugging in and waiting?


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