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Transport and terrorism - technology to the rescue

The crackdown on airline passenger carry-on items such as cosmetics, lip balm and water bottles is hogging the news, but the real work of transportation security is cranking away in the background. EyeForTransport's upcoming North American Cargo Security Forum in Washington is an example More »

Getting tough on HAZMAT transportation

The U.S. government plans to clamp down on widespread illegal shipping of hazardous materials. More »

Terrorism, trucks, and everyday risk

Distracted by risks of terrorism in the air, we are ignoring very real risks on the ground, and the technologies that offer security More »

Hazardous cargo: truckers wary of terrorists

Truckers are watching out for each other in the war against terrorism. New vehicle tracking and surveillance technologies are also being brought into play, as well as tougher regulation of driver qualifications. More »

Automatic HAZMAT crash notification

Virginia is testing a communications system that instantly notifies the relevant authorities that a highway emergency has occurred. More »

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U.S. DOT's page about the transporting of hazardous materials. Plenty of information and links.

Site offers a monthly email newsletter featuring information and tools about hazardous materials transportation, safety, and the DOT regulations. Also has an email discussion list.

U.S.-based firm provides online hazardous waste, hazardous materials, and industrial safety training to fully comply with OSHA and DOT requirements.

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