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Windows phone 7 keeping track of drivers

October 11th 2010 will see Microsoft’s official launch of Windows Phone 7. The launch of this phone will be accompanied by the release of an array of associated apps, a significant number of which will be aimed at the driver.

One of these third party apps for Windows Phone 7, developed by Motolingo, monitors the speed a driver is doing in their vehicle, and lets them know if they are accelerating too quickly, and thus driving in an unsafe manner. The app is structured like a game whereby safe drivers (presumably those who accelerate gently) score points, while those who speed get ‘dinged’. [source: cnet.com]

Motolingo is a software company specializing in mobile applications for drivers, and this app will be its first for the Windows Phone 7. However, this seems to be only the beginning for this company, killerstartups.com state that Motolingo plans on “ ... offering a set of apps that (in general) connect smartphones to the car’s diagnostic port and provide the driver with information such as the exact location, detailed fuel consumption, and automatic reminders to check the lights and even not to send a SMS while driving. ”

Despite some possibly interesting apps on offer, industry experts are not expecting much from the launch of Windows Phone 7, saying it is too late an arrival into an already well-catered for Smartphone market. All will be revealed in a few short days! If you get one of these phones and have tried any of the driver apps - let us know your views in the comments below! End of Article

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